The RetreatA Get-Away to Get Equipped

The Freshman 15 Retreat

The Freshman 15 Retreat is a powerful weekend full of all the things college freshman need to “pack” as they prepare to leave for college. Centered around the theme of packing a proverbial suitcase, the retreat is broken up into five sessions that mirror the five chapters of the Bible Study. In each session, Kate teaches senior girls what God’s Word has to say on real subjects, relaying personal experience and lessons learned as the Lord guided her through her own transition to college.

Students also participate in purposeful games and thoughtful journaling.  They are encouraged to ask Kate questions and are prompted to spend time getting real with the Lord about their feelings as they anticipate becoming college students.

The Freshman 15 retreat is completely tailored to graduating seniors and college freshman. Active, exciting, engaging and girl-centered, girls not only receive powerful information at the retreat, but they also leave with tools that will help them journey to and through college.  For continued edification and reflection, the seniors will leave the weekend with:

  • A folder full of the interactive hand-outs they have completed during the retreat
  • A copy of the Freshman 15 Bible Study
  • A framed copy of The 15 Must-Packs to take with them to college