Information for Youth Pastors & Girls MinistersThe Freshman 15: A Senior Girls Resource

Christian Senior Girls Resource

Are you a youth pastor or girls minister and want to see God continue the work you began in your senior girls? Do you want to see God continue to use the foundation He’s used you to build in your student ministry?

The Freshman 15 is a resource for high school senior and college freshman girls that helps equip them to thrive in college.  It is based on 15 biblical principles that will help girls remember who and whose they are.

Partnering with Youth Pastors and Girls Ministers

Kate and her husband Jeremy served in full time student ministry for over 10 years.  Kate recognized the need for senior girls to receive special instructions around what they were about to experience in COLLEGE.  She longed to see girls continue to grow in their love for Jesus during their freshman year and throughout their college experience.  What started as a Bible study in Kate’s living room grew into the workbook called The Freshman 15 Bible Study.

What Your Senior Girls Need to Know:

  • How to keep their faith in college
  • Tips for living with roommates
  • Time management skills
  • How to avoid the MRS pitfall
  • How to see their campus as their mission field

Senior Girls Gift

Senior Sunday is a common celebration in student ministries across the nation. Youth pastors are always looking for a meaningful gift for their senior girls and guys.  The Freshman 15 Bible Study and the Senior Girls Gift make an excellent gift for the girls in your student ministry.